Extending FREE offer

Value Chain Assessment


As part of our recent promotion to introduce

FuturMaster in Australia and New Zealand …

… We are extending the offer of a FREE Value Chain Assessment led by Greg West.

This offer expires on 31 December 2015. 

What you will get is a practical on-site evaluation of your supply chain organisation, systems and processes by our team of experts and a no-nonsense report within 7 days.

Our focus will be on identifying operational improvements, embracing the digital pivot and degree of agility in the value chain.

‘What I find refreshing is the simplicity of the solutions and that they do work.  But mostly I find Greg a thought provoker that mentors me and helps reframe thinking or think differently altogether’

GM Resources Sector


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Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

Case Study

Recognised by Gartner - one of best supply chains in the world

         Demand forecast accuracy

         Leveraging optimization techniques to improve customer service from less inventory

         A collaborative supplier platform


The Advanced Planning Solutions L'Oréal Uses …


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Client Areas of Interest




Portfolio Review




Supply Chain Optimisation


Strategic Pricing


Energy & Resources


Levelled Sequenced Planning






Who is Farthing West?

Excellence in Business Solutions

For over 20 years, Farthing West has assisted clients to achieve sustainable, improved performance.  Farthing West’s clients include blue chip companies and government organisations. 

Supply Chain Specialists

with a deep understanding of productivity

Farthing West’s principals are experienced leaders who have distinguished careers in industry / government prior to joining Farthing West. They have managed complex supply chains and delivered outstanding result.  They have practical, hands on experience in business. Farthing West has harnessed this experience and developed elegant and sophisticated tools to solve complex problems and deliver outstanding results.  We know how to help our clients to grow, innovate, streamline and promote efficiency.  We know how to help our clients increase customer intimacy and we know how to use big data and advanced analytics to improve demand visibility and profitability


Applying …

Supply Chain Optimisation


Lean Six Sigma Methodologies

in an authentic Dynamic Learning Context

Across …



Distribution &



Health Services


To Achieve …

Strategic Alignment and constancy of purpose within & across the business.

Collaborative Partnerships - aligning the efforts of suppliers and customers with business intent.

Cross Functional Performance Improvement - aligning the functional parts and improving the individual & collective performance of work units.

Functional Performance Improvement- Maximising the performance of individual work units.

Leadership development - Improving the competencies of front line managers and supervisors.



The skills mix includes Business Management, Strategic Renewal, Marketing,

Engineering, Medicine, Education & Training, Systems Management & Analysis,

Commercial Mediation and Arbitration.


Farthing West Team Leaders

Click [Here] for resumes of Farthing West Directors and Principal Associates.